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In order to understand the relevance and importance of the subject, a brief in sight is required on the objective and scope of the pharmacy in the Union Territory. The Pharmacy Act, 1948 Act was enacted to regulate the profession of pharmacy by making better provisions under the said act for its regulation. One of the mandate of the said act was to constitute Pharmacy council.

Since, the J&K Re-organization Act, 2019 was implemented in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, where under among several Laws of the erstwhile State, the J&K Pharmacy Act, Samvat, 2011 also got repealed by the Pharmacy Act, 1948.

The Pharmacy Council for the Union Territory of J&K was constituted vide S.O no: 117, Dated: 31 st of March, 2020 in terms of Section (19) of the Pharmacy Act, 1948.

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